10 cinco de mayo Recipes  for 2022

Crispy Chorizo Tacos

Corn tortillas are stuffed with spicy pork chorizo and plenty of Monterey jack cheese and then baked to perfection to make the most irresistible party meal.


Chipotle Salsa

This chipotle salsa balances the perfect blend of flavors with deep smoky notes, caramelized roasted tomatoes and a refreshing pop of citrus.


Coconut Margarita

With just one sip, this fruity coconut margarita will trick you into thinking you're sipping refreshing cocktails on a beach getaway.


Lobster Tacos

In just 20 minutes, tender, sweet lobster is cooked in a chili-lime butter sauce and then piled onto a soft, warm tortilla with your favorite toppings.


Mango-Habanero Salsa

Made with juicy mango, fresh ginger, spicy habanero and bright lime juice, this is the ultimate fruit salsa, and it comes together in less than 20 minutes.


Blueberry Margarita

Made with muddled ripe blueberries and just the right kick of tequila, this fruity margarita shows off loads of berry flavor in each refreshing sip.


Orange-Spice  Tres Leches Cake

Sponge cake soaks up a trio of sweetened milks infused with orange zest and spices, making each bite of this luscious cake delicate yet moist.


Mexican  Shredded Beef

Slowly cooked in a rich four-chile sauce, this versatile beer-braised Mexican shredded beef is fork tender with smoky, roasted notes for an unbelievably flavorful cut of meat.


Jerk Chicken Enchiladas

Lightly fried corn tortillas are stuffed with flavorful jerk chicken and plenty of cheese, smothered with a creamy habanero-sour cream sauce and then baked to perfection.


Triple Citrus  Tequila Smash

Made with freshly muddled grapefruit, orange, lime and mint, this triple citrus tequila smash is bursting with bright flavors for one refreshing sipper.


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Lobster Tacos

These are so lobster tacos are so delicious I could eat them everyday! The lime chili butter sauce is perfection and pairs so nicely with the mango salsa!


spicy cucumber margarita

tropical  pico de gallo

strawberry-kiwi margarita

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