5 Apple Cider Cocktails

Let's celebrate fall!


This one is for you, bourbon lovers. This simple cocktail features those cozy apple cider notes while also letting the bourbon shine.

Apple Cider  Old Fashioned


Nothing elevates a party like a good margarita! This festive fall margarita is perfect for any seasonal occasion.

Sparkling Apple Cider  Margarita


For all your holiday parties, be sure this festive sangria goes on your menu. You can make it ahead of time, and it's always a crowd favorite.

Apple Cider-Cranberry Holiday Sangria


For a bubbly, light finish, we top this apple-bourbon cocktail with ginger ale to make one refreshing fall sipper.

Apple Cider-Bourbon Cocktail


Just add a shot of your favorite liquor -- rum, bourbon, tequila and vodka all work -- and you have yourself one cozy fall cocktail.

Homemade  Apple Cider 

Take a moment to relax, enjoy the festive season and sip on these delicious fall apple cider cocktails!

Apple Cider Old Fashioned Omg, I've just found my new fall cocktail! This is absolutely amazing and perfect for the colder months.

Readers love it!

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