5 Chili Recipes for Super Bowl


Made with a dried chile paste rather than chili powder, every bite of this authentic Texas chili is filled with tender chuck roast in a rich red gravy.

Authentic Texas Chili


This Colorado-style pork green chile is the perfect comfort food with its flavorful pork shoulder and spicy peppers. Eat as a stew or smother it on your favorite dish.

Pork Green Chili


Every spoonful is loaded with tender, melt-in-your-mouth shredded short ribs along with hearty black beans, warm spices and a dried chile paste for the ultimate depth of flavor.

Short Rib Chili


Loaded with tender shredded chicken, hearty white beans, green chiles and a medley of spices, this white chili features the creamiest, most decadent broth.

Creamy White  Chicken Chili


Made with tender, flavorful chunks of chorizo and creamy pumpkin puree, this seasonal chili blends together warm spices with just the right kick of heat.

Pumpkin & Chorizo Chili

Texas Chili I made it and it was amazing. So authentic plus you had me at arbole chiles, guajillo chiles, and chipolte in adobo sauce. Thank you for this wonderful recipe.

Readers love it!

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