5 Unique  Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes


If you love that classic sweet and salty combination, these soft, chewy pretzel-chocolate chip cookies are for just you!

Pretzel-Chocolate Chip Cookies


Filled with tropical coconut and macadamia nuts, this twist on chocolate chip cookies will make you think you magically transported to a Hawaiian bakery.

Coconut-Macadamia Cookies


Let's step up our typical cookie game with these spiced holiday chocolate chip cookies, featuring browned butter and fresh orange zest for a festive twist.

Spiced Holiday Cookies


Chocolate chip cookies get a gourmet, sophisticated makeover with these mocha-flavored espresso and Kahlua cookies!

Kahlua & Espresso Cookies


You know what’s better than chocolate chip cookies? Brown butter chocolate chip cookies. Talk about a major flavor upgrade from your standard recipe!

Brown Butter  Chocolate Chip Cookies

Give your classic chocolate chip cookie recipe an instant gourmet twist with these unique spins. You will love each and every one!

I just made this recipe and these are by far the best chocolate chip cookies I have ever made! Brown butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and melty chocolate chips...how can you go wrong

Readers love it!

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