6 Baileys Recipes for St. Patrick's Day


With its ultra creamy, velvety texture and loads of sweet Baileys flavor with just the right touch of vanilla, every bite of this luscious homemade ice cream is pure decadence.

Baileys Ice Cream


Perfect for your St. Patrick's Day party, this creamy Baileys Irish coffee martini takes a classic hot cocktail and gives it a refreshing spin.

Baileys Irish Coffee Martini


Featuring the perfect airy texture and explosion of rich chocolate, everyone will fall in love with this gourmet delight after just one velvety bite.

Baileys Mousse


Spiked with rich Irish cream for an ultra decadent flavor, this easy latte recipe can be made right on the stove-top or by using your favorite milk frother -- your choice.

Baileys Latte


Each layer of fluffy, moist chocolate cake is filled with a delicate, airy Baileys mousse and then covered in rich chocolate ganache frosting.

Irish Whiskey &  Baileys Mousse Cake


Made with everyone's favorite Irish cream, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and vodka, every sip of this cocktail is rich, decadent and perfectly creamy.

Baileys Chocolate Martini

Baileys Ice Cream This is the first time that I’ve loved any of my homemade ice creams. The consistency and flavor feels like restaurant gourmet quality. 

Readers love it!

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