Black Widow Halloween Cocktail


Let's start mixing! As our first step, we add fresh blackberries with our simple syrup to a cocktail shaker.


Now we muddle the blackberries and simple syrup together until the blackberries are well-pulverized.


We pour in our pomegranate juice, vodka, ginger liqueur and fresh lemon juice into a cocktail shaker.


Now we add a pinch of edible glitter to give it some festive Halloween sparkle. I use glitter from Sugar Mama Shimmers, and it's totally textureless and tasteless.


Just like that, we're ready to give it a good, vigorous shake. About 15-30 seconds does the trick. to make it perfectly chilled.


To really get spooky, we use tongs to drop a small piece of dry ice into our Halloween martini for that fun bubbling effect.

Now enjoy your super fun and festive Black Widow Halloween Cocktail. You will love it. Happy Halloween!

I am loving the flavors in this martini. The blackberries and ginger liqueur are so good together. A perfect cocktail for Halloween!

Readers love it!

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