Apple Cider Margarita


Let's first prepare our glass by running a lime slice along the rim and swirling it in a mixture of cinnamon and brown sugar.


Now we grab a cocktail shaker and pour in the apple cider, tequila, orange liqueur and fresh lime juice.


Now we add a handful of ice, put the cocktail shaker top on and give it a vigorous shake for about 15-30 seconds.


From here, we strain our delicious apple cider margarita into our prepared glass with another handful of ice.


As our final step, we pour in some ginger ale or ginger beer for a sparkling finish and gently stir to combine.

Sit back, sip and enjoy the perfect fall cocktail! It's simple and quick to prepare and will be a hit at any fall party.

This is a fabulous fall cocktail! Well balanced and refreshing, the flavor is unique and everyone wanted another!

Readers love it!

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