Buffalo Chicken  Sandwiches

We first prepare our Buffalo sauce. To do this, we melt together Frank's RedHot Sauce with butter. A microwave works just fine for this, though you could melt the two on the stove.

When the sauce is prepared, we toss it with the shredded chicken. I love using a store-bought rotisserie chicken here -- easy and delicious!

From here, we split our rolls and top with the Buffalo chicken and shredded mozzarella. We put the tops back on and place in a baking dish.

Now we cover the baking dish with foil and bake until the sandwiches are warm and the cheese melts. The foil helps ensure our bread doesn't dry out.

After baking, we top the Buffalo chicken sandwiches with ranch dressing and blue cheese if desired. Feel free to add other toppings too -- bacon is a great option!

Now grab a Buffalo chicken sandwich and enjoy! It's perfect for game day or casual parties. Everyone loves these sandwiches!

Fam really loves it! Highly recommended! Tasted really amazing and super easy to make!

Readers love it!