Bundt  Banana  Pound Cake

We first mix together all-purpose flour, salt and cinnamon and set aside. That's right -- no leavening for a traditional pound cake.

In a separate bowl, we beat together the butter, sugars and vanilla together until light and fluffy.

From here, we beat in each egg one at a time until they're incorporated into the butter and sugar mixture. Be sure to periodically scrape the side of the bowl.

For our next step, we alternate between beating in our flour mixture with buttermilk, ending with the buttermilk.

Now we beat the batter until it's thick and fluffy like so. This process is what will give our cake that lift without leavening.

For all that delicious banana flavor, we stir in mashed bananas to the batter. Make sure you use overripe bananas for the best flavor.

And we're ready to bake our cake! We flour a 12-cup bundt pan and pour the batter into the pan. It goes into the oven until baked all the way through.

When the cake is ready, it will come out beautiful and brown like so. We let it cool in the pan and then move to a wire rack to finish.

If desired, we drizzle with a little caramel cream cheese glaze. While this step is optional, it makes for a lovely presentation.

What an incredibly tasty alternative to banana bread! I absolutely loved this cake, and that caramel cream cheese frosting is out of this world, I could eat it on its own!

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