Chai  Old Fashioned

When you need a cozy cocktail, make this chai old fashioned! Made with a brown sugar-chai simple syrup and citrusy bitters, this bourbon cocktail is the perfect fall sipper.


Make the chai simple syrup by bringing water and brown sugar to a boil. Turn off heat once the brown sugar dissolves and add tea bag. Steep for at least five minutes. Remove tea bag and chill.


Add the ice cube and bourbon and stir to chill. This also helps the ice cube start to slowly melt into the drink.


Twist the orange peel over the old fashioned glass to release the oil and add to glass. If desired, garnish with a cherry and cinnamon stick. Enjoy!

For the coziest of cozy fall cocktails, I hope you whip up this chai old fashioned. It's truly perfect for bourbon lovers!

I made these for friends last night and everyone agreed that they are dangerously good. Thank you for our new favorite cocktail recipe!

Readers love it!

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