Cranberry Whiskey Sour

With Spiced Cranberry Simple Syrup

Meet the spiced cranberry whiskey sour that will be your new favorite holiday cocktail, made with a fresh cranberry simple syrup infused with orange zest.


Now we give the cocktail a good shake. Again, this step is without ice. This is known as a dry shake and helps incorporate more air to make the egg white topping extra frothy.


Now we take off the cocktail shaker top and add a big handful of ice. Since we incorporated some air to start making our frothy topping, it's time to chill our drink.


Put the cocktail shaker top back on and give it a second shake. For this shake, we want to go a little longer to keep building up the froth. Then, we strain and serve.

For the perfect festive cocktail, you will love every sip of this spiced cranberry whiskey sour! It's full of holiday flavors that everyone adores.

I love this cocktail! Fabulous recipe, the combo of caramel and bourbon is so good. The tartness of the cranberry fits in so well. Perfect for the holidays.

Readers love it!

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