Easy Smoked  Whole Chicken

Your summer barbecues aren’t complete without this easy smoked whole chicken! It's so tender and chicken with the perfect smoky flavor.


Whole chicken Lime Salt Chili powder Brown sugar Garlic powder Pepper Smoked paprika Onion powder Cayenne powder Cumin Mustard powder Olive oil BBQ sauce (if desired)


To dry brine for crisp skin, generously sprinkle with salt and rub into skin. Stuff chicken with lime and tie legs. Refrigerate for at least four hours, though overnight is ideal.


Set smoker to 225 degrees and fill water pan. As the smoker heats, stir together the spices to make the dry chicken rub.


Rub the spice mixture all over the skin. Gently lift the skin and rub some spices directly onto the meat. Place the chicken in the smoker.


Smoke until the chicken reaches 140 degrees internally. Brush with olive oil and BBQ sauce. Turn up the heat to 350 and smoke until it reaches 165 degrees in the breast and 175 degrees in the thighs.

Don't be surprised if smoking turns out to be your new favorite way to prepare chicken. Smoked chicken is the best!

Readers love it!

This chicken is so tasty and juicy! Really a must-make! I'm already planning to make it again throughout the summer.

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