Eggnog Latte

Better than Starbucks!

Make your own holiday coffee with this festive homemade eggnog latte! This Christmas latte comes together with just two ingredients, and you don’t need expensive equipment.


While the eggnog heats, make some espresso. You can also substitute strong coffee or make espresso using the instant espresso powder if you don't have a machine.


When the eggnog begins to steam and small bubbles form on the surface, turn off the heat. Grab a whisk and beat until frothy. Pour over the espresso mixture.

Now sip away and enjoy the most festive holiday latte! It's so simple and so good -- you'll want to sip on this eggnog latte all season long. 

This eggnog latte is better than Starbucks and such a perfect holiday treat! I'll be making this all month long.

Readers love it!

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