For the perfect elegant sipper, look no further than this effervescent French 77 cocktail, made with sweet elderflower liqueur, citrusy lemon and bubbly Champagne.

French 77 Cocktail Ingredients

Elderflower liqueur  Freshly squeezed lemon juice Ice Chilled Champagne Lemon twist

Add the elderflower liqueur, lemon juice and a handful of ice to a cocktail shaker. If possible, I recommend St. Germain for the elderflower liqueur.


Put the cocktail shaker top on and shake vigorously for about 20 seconds to chill the mixture and add a touch of dilution.


Remove the cocktail shaker top. Strain the elderflower liqueur mixture into a chilled Champagne flute or coupe glass.


After pouring the elderflower liqueur mixture, top with Champagne or your favorite sparkling dry white wine. Make sure the wine is nice and chilled.


Garnish with an oh-so pretty lemon twist. This is optional, but it adds a sophisticated touch and lovely scent with each sip.


For the perfect sophisticated cocktail, I hope you try this French 77 recipe. With that delightful floral flavor and twist of lemon, this refreshing cocktail is sure to be a new favorite.

Readers love it!

This was so simple and quite tasty with the St. Germain, which I just love in cocktails. I'm planning on making it again for New Year's Eve.


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