Ginger Mojito

Made with a fresh ginger simple syrup, this ginger mojito perfectly blends that a touch of spice with bright mint and lime for one refreshing yet complex rum cocktail.

Ingredients Lime Mint leaves Ginger simple syrup White rum Ice Chilled club soda Fresh mint sprig


Add the lime wedges and ginger simple syrup to a highball glass with a sturdy bottom. Muddle until the lime breaks down. Add the fresh mint leaves and lightly muddle a few times.


Pour in the white rum and add a handful of ice. Stir to both combine and chill. A bar spoon works well for this, but you can use a regular kitchen spoon if you don't have one.


Top with chilled club soda and gently stir to combine. You don't want to stir too forcefully, or you can lose that delightful carbonation.


Place the fresh mint sprig in the palm of your hand. Quickly clap over it to release its fragrance and garnish.

You will absolutely love this fresh take on mojitos! One taste of this ginger mojito and you may never go back.

Readers love it!

Mojitos are my favorite cocktail and I'm loving this ginger version! It's such a great and refreshing combination that's so perfect for summer and I may need to test the recipe out again today. We always love all of your homemade cocktail creations!


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