Classic  Irish Mule

Made with fresh mint, lime juice, Irish whiskey and spicy ginger beer, this Irish mule recipe makes for the perfect St. Patrick's Day drink.

Irish Mule Ingredients

Irish whiskey Lime juice Fresh mint Ginger beer And that's it! This is one low-key cocktail ingredient list.


Directly in the copper mug, gently muddle fresh lime juice and mint to release the mint's fragrant oils.


Pour the Irish whiskey into the copper mug with the mint and lime juice. Add a big handful of ice. I like using Jameson whiskey here.


Now we give our Irish mule a good stir to chill. I like to stir until the outside of the copper mug starts to form condensation. 


For our final step, we pour in some chilled ginger beer. We give it a gentle stir to combine and then garnish with a fresh mint sprig if desired.

This Irish mule is perfect for St. Patrick's Day or any casual evening on the patio when you need a cooling drink. Sláinte!

So refreshing and with the right amount of mint. I love the addition of the ginger beer and I appreciated the suggestion of the brand of Irish whiskey.

Readers love it!

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