Rum Sour  Cocktail

Featuring a smooth, frothy topping that makes for an impressive presentation, the rum sour perfectly shows off a well-balanced cocktail with sweet and sour notes.


Dark rum Fresh lemon juice Bitters Egg white Orgeat (an almond-flavored sweetener widely available at liquor stores)


Add the dark rum, orgeat, lemon juice, egg white and bitters to the cocktail shaker or mason jar without ice. Seal and shake for 30 seconds. This is the dry shake.


Open the shaker or jar and add a big handful of ice. Seal and shake vigorously for a minute or two. This is the wet shake, and it's a longer shake to properly build the topping froth.

Get excited, my fellow rum lovers — this classic rum sour is truly your perfect refreshing cocktail! You will love every sip.

Readers love it!

As a Puerto Rican, I give this rum sour the seal of approval. It was so airy thanks to that dry shake. Perfect cocktail for a chill Sunday evening at home.

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