Schnitzel  With Mushroom Gravy

Boneless pork chops Flour Eggs Panko breadcrumbs Oil Beer brine (beer, water, lemon, sugar, salt, peppercorns) Mushroom gravy (butter, mushrooms, garlic, chicken stock, heavy cream)


Place the boneless pork chops between two sheets of plastic wrap and pound until nice and thin. This makes for quick and even frying.

Submerge the pork chops in the beer brine and refrigerate for two hours. This makes for an even more flavorful, tender pork.

After brining, pat off the excessive brine, coat in flour on both sides and then dip into beaten eggs.

Now dredge the coated pork chops in panko breadcrumbs. This gives the pork an extra crispy crust than just flour alone.

We heat oil in a pan until hot and then pan fry the schnitzel on both sides until it's perfectly golden brown.

Top the fried schnitzel with creamy mushroom gravy, garnish with fresh parsley and serve with lemon wedges. Prost!

I made this for my husband this past weekend and he loved it! The recipe is simple to follow and it turned out absolutely delicious! 

Readers love it!