10 SMOKER RECIPES for thanksgiving

Smoked Spatchcock Turkey

Thanksgiving isn't complete without a turkey feast! This smoked turkey is perfect for serving the whole family.


Smoked Mac and Cheese

This is the mother of all Thanksgiving side dishes — the ultimate smoked mac and cheese! You'll never make mac and cheese another way.


Double Smoked Ham

Also known as twice-smoked ham, this ham is reheated on the smoker for an extra flavor injection and then finished with a sticky, sweet glaze.


Smoked Duck

Finished with a spiced pomegranate-maple glaze for a festive spin, this duck features the most tender, succulent meat to make one memorable meal.


Smoked Mashed Potatoes

Prepared with browned butter, sour cream and rich Gouda, these mashed potatoes are infused with hickory notes to make the perfect Thanksgiving accompaniment.


Smoked Turkey Legs

After soaking in a wet brine and coated with a BBQ dry rub, these turkey drumsticks come out perfectly tender with just the right kiss of smoky flavor.


Smoked Prime Rib

For a nontraditional yet special main course, you can't go wrong with this smoked prime rib for the beef lovers.


Smoked Turkey Wings

Thanks to a simple dry brining technique, these wings show off tende meat with that crispy turkey skin everyone loves.


Smoked Whole Chicken

Perfect for a smaller Thanksgiving celebration — this smoked whole chicken is a reader favorite for a reason.


Smoked Turkey Thighs

With the perfectly spiced dry rub and trip to the smoker, these turkey thighs come out much more flavorful than your typical oven roasting preparation.


Readers love it!

Smoked Spatchcock Turkey

This recipe was delicious and easy to make! I served it with some roasted vegetables and cranberry sauce, and it was a perfect meal! My family loved it!