The Best  Short Rib Chili

Every spoonful is loaded with shredded short ribs along with hearty black beans, warm spices and a dried chile paste for the ultimate depth of flavor.

Main Ingredients

Short ribs Dried chiles Beef stock Chipotles & jalapeños Onion & garlic Spices Coffee Brown sugar Apple cider vinegar Cocoa powder Black beans


Add more beef stock along with the coffee, spices and additional ingredients and stir to combine. Place the short ribs back in the boil. Bring to a boil and then simmer.

When you need the perfect chili for game day, a casual gathering or just a big bowl of comfort food, look no further than this short rib chili.

Wow, oooooh this was so good! The short rib just melts in your mouth. I love a great meaty chili and this one was the king of chilis!

Readers love it!

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